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Big Data eBook: Harnessing The Power Of Big Data Through Education And Data-Driven Decision Making

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Contents Include:

  • Data Science and Its Relationship to Big Data and Data-Driven Decision Making
  • In this article, we argue that there are good reasons why it has been hard to pin down exactly what is data science. One reason is that data science is intricately intertwined with other important concepts also of growing importance, such as Big Data and data-driven decision making. Another reason is the natural tendency to associate what a practitioner does with the definition of the practitioner's field; this can result in overlooking the fundamentals of the field.
  • Predictive Modeling With Big Data Is Bigger Really Better
  • In this article we empirically demonstrate that when predictive models are built from sparse, fine-grained data; such as data on low-level human behavior, we continue to see marginal increases in predictive performance even to very large scale.
  • Educating the Next Generation of Data Scientists
  • Big Data Journal approached the School of Information Studies (iSchool) at Syracuse University to discuss the issue of Big Data education through an expert roundtable discussion. The participants discuss big data from all sides; from wrestling with the definition and the science behind Big Data, to how the iSchool is cultivating a full data lifecycle perspective with its on campus and online program. The importance of industrial collaboration is also emphasized, in order to meet the growing demand for big data analysis.
  • Delivering Value from Big Data with Revolution R Enterprise and Hadoop
  • Revolution R Enterprise runs in Hadoop. It enables users to perform advanced analysis on Big Data while working exclusively in the familiar R environment. The software transparently distributes work across the nodes and distributed data of Hadoop without complex programming.