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Which R is Right for Me?

There's a version of R for every type of user and budget. Find the R that's right for you by comparing the features of free Revolution R Open and Revolution Analytics' enhanced software, Revolution R Enterprise for workstations and servers.

  Revolution R
Revolution R

R Language Engine

Included Supported
Multi-core processing (Intel® Math Kernel Library) Included Supported
Reproducible R Toolkit Included Supported
ParallelR: Parallel Programming Toolkit   Supported
RHadoop: R interface to Hadoop MapReduce   Supported
DeployR Open: Web Services API   Supported
RRE DeployR - Scalable & Secure Deployment   Licensed & Supported
RRE ScaleR - Big Data Toolkit and PEMAs for R   Licensed & Supported
RRE DistributedR - EDW, Grids, Hadoop   Licensed & Supported
AdviseR Technical Support   Included


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