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Which R is Right for Me?

There's a version of R for every type of user and budget. Find the R that's right for you by comparing the features of open-source R (from the R Foundation) with Revolution Analytics' enhanced software, Revolution R Enterprise for workstations and servers.

  Open Source R Revolution R Enterprise Workstation Revolution R Enterprise Server
R Language Engine
Command-Line R Programming
100% Compatible with R language
5,000+ open-source CRAN packages
Tables and reporting
Exploratory data analysis
Data visualization
Statistical modeling
Getting Started Guide  
Certified & Assured Build  
R Language Version 3.0.2 3.0.2 3.0.2
High-Performance & Distributed Computing
Parallel Programming (SMP Workstation)  
Multi-core processing  
Optimized for Multi-processor workstations/servers   Up to 4 cores****
Microsoft HPC Server Cluster Support    
In Hadoop Cluster Support    
Teradata Database Support    
Platform LSF Cluster Support    
Big Data Analytics
In-memory analytics
Out-of-memory Big Data objects  
XDF big-data file store  
"Data Step" big-data processing  
Big Data statistical modeling  
High-speed parallel processing   Up to 4 cores****
Distributed analytics on grids/clusters  
Hadoop integration  
Integration and Deployment
Scheduled/Monitored batch jobs    
On-demand, multi-user R server    
Web-based Management Console    
Security and authentication for R scripts    
JSON and XML data exchange on a RESTful interface    
Integrate R into Web/mobile apps    
Integrate R into BI dashboards, client apps    
Java, Javascript, and .NET client libraries    
Direct analysis of SAS and SPSS data  
Analyze data from the Hadoop Distributed FIle System (HDFS)  
User Interface***
Integrated Development Environment  
Syntax-aware code editor  
Step Debugging  
Multi-user collaboration    
Technical Support
Discussion Forums Available
Online Support Available
Email Support Available
Phone Support Available
Support for Base & Recommended R Packages Available
Authorized Training & Consulting Available
Platform Support
Single User Workstation  
Multi-User Server    
OS: Microsoft Windows
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (5 and 6)  
Appliances: IBM PDS (Netezza)   Client
Appliances: Teradata   Client
Grids/Clusters: Platform LSF   Client
Grids/Clusters: Microsoft HPC Server   Client
Hadoop: Cloudera CDH3 / CDH4   Client
Cloud: Amazon AWS    
Free / Academic User** Free Free Academic Subscription N/A
Commercial User Free BUY NOW Unlimited Users
Server / Cluster Cores N/A N/A Priced per core

*Subscription software prices quoted in US dollars, per year.
**Premium technical support not included. Other restrictions apply.
***Available for Microsoft Windows only.
**** Revolution R Enterprise Entry or Power Workstations