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Knowing How People are Playing Your Game Gives You the Winning Hand


Bill Grosso, Principal Consultant, Osolog LLC
  1. Competition -  As more companies jump into the market, competition for players is intense
  2. Churn - With more game choices, players are more likely to jump to a new one if it fails to keep them engaged
  3. Product Development costs - The cost to develop new games and sustain favorites increases with the need to develop on multiple platforms to satisfy gamers’ increasing use of mobile devices and to support innovations in game consoles,
  4. Life Time Customer Value - Traditional revenue streams are getting squeezed by “free to play” models and players’ reduced tolerance for advertising. 

How are the winners in gaming out-smarting their competition?  With more advanced analytics. 

Over the past three years, a new idea has begun to take hold in gaming: instead of viewing analytics as a primarily descriptive tool useful for generating financial reports for senior management, game companies are increasingly deploying modern data collection practices, machine learning toolkits, and statistical methods to

  • gain a deeper understanding of player behavior,
  • choose from among alternatives,
  • predict outcomes, and
  • modify their games and business practices in real-time to improve both the user experience and revenue.

This session will present the state of the art of predictive analytics for gaming, focusing on basic ideas to advanced concepts such as machine learning that can be used profitably by almost every gaming studio.  We’ll cover:

  • An overview of the use of analytics in gaming
  • Predicting churn: why and how
  • Identifying unusual behavior
  • Gold farming, fraud analysis, and unlocking gifting
  • What’s next in gaming analytics