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Revolution R Open

The world's most popular data analysis software, enhanced

Revolution R Open is our enhanced distribution of the world's most widely used data analysis software. Based on open source R, Revolution R Open is built, tested and distributed by Revolution Analytics and delivers:

  • The latest R language engine from the R Foundation for Statistical Computing
  • High-performance R language engine (multi-threaded processing with Intel® Math Kernel Library)
  • 100% Compatibility with all R-related software; CRAN packages, Rstudio, and third-party R integrations
  • Extended capabilities with the Reproducible R Toolkit, 
  • Support for Windows, MacOS, and Linux distributions.
  • Open-source (GPLv2) license: free to use!

Get Started for Free, Today!

Revolution R Open is open-source software, free to download, use and share. Please visit MRAN (the Managed R Archive Network) to learn more about Revolution R Open and download your copy today.

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