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Revolution R Enterprise DevelopR

Visual Productivity For R Programmers

Revolution R Enterprise DevelopR is an interactive development environment (IDE) for the R language. It enables faster, more accurate R programming for developers - leaving the command-line far behind!

The Revolution R Enterprise DevelopR IDE is available on Windows Platforms only.

RPE Screenshot

  • Experience a modern development environment for the R language with a syntax-aware Script Editor with highlighting, indentation, and more.
  • Improve R programming proficiency with hover-over help, word completion and customizable "code snippets" to automate common R programming tasks.
  • Streamline interactions with the R language with a fully-featured command-line editor and object browser.
  • Create quality R code, faster with a full-featured visual debugger with one-click breakpoints and step-processing.
  • Manage complex development projects with a Solution Explorer to organize data files, scripts and outputs. Save, load and switch projects with ease.
  • Available for the Microsoft Windows platform only

Key Features of Revolution R Enteprise DevelopR

  • Full-featured Visual Debugger for debugging R scripts, with call stack window and step-in, step-over, and step-out capability.
  • Enhanced Script Editor with hover-over help, word completion, find-across-files capability, automatic syntax checking, bookmarks, and navigation buttons.
  • Run Selection, Run to Line and Run to Cursor evaluation
  • R Code Snippets to automatically generate fill-in-the-blank sections of R code with tooltip help.
  • Object Browser showing available data and function objects (including those in packages), with context menus for plotting and editing data.
  • Solution Explorer for organizing, viewing, adding, removing, rearranging, and sourcing R scripts.
  • Customizable Workspace with dockable, floating, and tabbed tool windows.

View a Demonstration of the Revolution R Enterprise DevelopR:

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