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Revolution R Cloud

Big Data R on AWS Marketplace

Now you can get all of the power, performance and productivity of Revolution R Enterprise on Amazon Web Services. Revolution R Enterprise 7 on AWS Marketplace includes:

Pay as you go, for just the capacity you need

  • Get started in minutes: no need to install anything
  • Access to R-based analysis anytime, from anywhere
  • Amazon's industry-leading availability, from AWS regions worldwide
  • No long-term commitments: Pay only for your usage
  • Hourly pricing available

Available now on Amazon Marketplace


Amazon Web Services account required. Prices above do not include Amazon EC2 infrastructure charges, which vary by instance and region.  Click for details and all-inclusive pricing.   No software charges for 14 days. Pay only Amazon AWS infrastructure costs, which vary according to instance and region. Click for details.

Technical Details

  • General, Compute, Memory and Storage instances available, 2-32 vCPUs
  • Instances with attached storage recommended. Long-term storage requires EBS or backup to S3
  • Single-server instances only (no cluster or grid support).
  • Revolution R Enterprise DeployR not included.
  • Tech support forums monitored from Sunday, 5:00 PM PDT to Friday, 5:00 PM PDT. Tech support provided in English to registered users only.

Windows Instances

Platform: Windows Server 2008 R2
Revolution R Enterprise version: 7.2 (includes R 3.0.3)
Client Requirements: Windows Remote Desktop to access Revolution R Enterprise DeployR IDE

Linux Instances

PlatformRedhat Enterprise Linux 6.4
Revolution R Enterprise version: 7.2 (includes R 3.0.3)
Client Requirements: Compatible browser


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