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R User Group Sponsorship Program


Revolution Analytics is proud to support local communities of R users by sponsoring qualified R user groups worldwide through the Revolution Analytics R User Group Sponsorship Program (RevoRUGS). 

Benefits of Sponsorship

When accepted into the RevoRUGS program, your R user group will receive:

  • A cash grant to promote and support the group.
  • A shipment of R-related goodies to give to your members or use as door prizes, etc.
  • Promotion of groups and meetings by Revolution Analytics, to help get the word out to other R users in your area.
  • Discounts on Revolution Analytics products for R user group members, including a 10% discount on Revolution R Enterprise workstation licenses.

In return, we ask that you credit Revolution Analytics as a sponsor on your group website and at meetings, and via occasional emails to your members.

How the the RevoRUGS Program Works

Once a year, during the enrollment season, the organizers of an R user group can apply for participation in the RevoRUGS program by submitting a sponsorship request form and requesting support at one of three levels: Vector, Matrix or Array. The Vector level is for groups that are just getting started. The Matrix and Array levels are for eastablished groups with a large numbers of members and a track record of holding regular meetings. (The requirements for each of the three levels are listed below.) Upon acceptance into the program user group organizers will receive a letter of notification, a cash grant and a package of R-related promotional materials from Revolution Analytics. The amount of the grant and the contents of the package depend on the level. User group organizers are free to spend the cash how they see fit to help defer administration, venue costs, or refreshment costs. 

2015 Sponsorship Levels

The size of the annual grant depends on the size of your group.

Level For groups that are: Requirements Annual Grant ($USD)
Vector Just getting started A group name, group webpage, and a focus on R. (Here are some tips on starting up a new R user group.)  $120
Matrix Smaller but established 3 meetings in last 6 months with 30 attendees or more.  $500
Array Larger and groups 3 meetings in last 6 months with 60 attendees or more. $1000

Use of Sponsorship Funds

Group organizers may use these funds in any way fit to support the growth of their group. At the "Vector" level, you could use the grant for a subscription at to create your group website. You could also use the funds to provide refreshments at meetings, provide travel for speakers, or for social events for your members. It's up to you. Of course, you can always take donations from members or other sponsors as well.

For Vector Level Applicants

The first step in applying for sponsorship is to estabish a web presence that announces your group as a new member of the worldwide R community. We recommend using for your web site.  Using site is not a requirement.  Do note, however, that offers features such as facilities for scheduling and announcing meetings, signing up new members, exporting information about meetings to member's calendars and keeping track of presentations etc. that are extremely helpful for managing and growing your group.  Also note that when your group grows sufficienly large for you to apply for Matrix or Array level support it will be necessary for your webpage to contain sufficient information for us to determine that your group meets the requirements for these levels.

Information on signing up with can be found here.

For Matrix and Array Level Applicants

In order for us at Revolution Analytics to verify that you meet the requirements for these levels (see the Requirements column in the table above) we must be able make an assessment by examining your public, user group website.

Ready to Start?

To apply for the 2015 Revolution Analytics R User Group Sponsorship Program, your group organizer must complete the online application form.

2015 RevoRUGS Enrollment Season

All appplications for participation in the RevoRUGS program must be received by the following deadlines:

  • March 31, 2015 for Matrix and Array level groups.
  • September 30, 2015 for Vector level groups.

We will begin reviewing applications in December 2014. R user groups that sign up for the RevoRUGS program by 12/31/14 and who are accepted into the program should receive notification by late January 2015. Thereafter, organizers who apply for the RevoRUGS program should receive notice of acceptance within 30 days of their application being received by Revolution Analytics.

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Need more information?

If you have any questions about the RevoRUGS program, please contact us at .