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Professional Services

Revolution Analytics Services And Training

Our mission is to provide clients and partners with high quality, innovating educational and consulting services, with a focus on driving value from big data and advanced analytics. Our expertise is in analytical organizational transformation by partnering with clients to increase the actionable decisions made using analytics and enabling the use of analytics for all levels of the business.

Implementation Services

  • Application Migration – support services to transform your applications from legacy tools to RRE
  • Application Development – support services to establish and develop new analytical applications and features using RRE
  • Open Source Readiness – support services to validate open source CRAN packages to ensure enterprise readiness
  • Architecture Assessment Services – support services to assess and optimize existing and new architectures to drive maximum performance from RRE
  • Performance and Tuning – support services to optimize existing and new applications using RRE leading practices

Accelerated Services

Training and Educational Services

Learn about our AcademyR Training and Education Program.

  • Product Training
  • Role-based Education
  • Product Training Tracks
  • RRE Certification

Training Course Schedule