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About IBM Netezza

Netezza, an IBM company, delivers high-performance data warehouse appliances purpose-built to make advanced analytics on big data simpler, faster and more accessible. IBM Netezza's technology enables organizations to process enormous amounts of captured data at exceptional speed, providing a significant competitive and operational advantage in today's data-intensive industries, including digital media, energy, financial services, government, health and life sciences, retail and telecommunications.

The IBM Netezza TwinFin(r) appliance is a purpose built, simple appliance built for serious analytics specifically to analyze petabytes of detailed data significantly faster than existing data warehouse options, and at a much lower total cost of ownership. It stores, filters and processes terabytes of records within a single unit, analyzing only the relevant information for each query.

Integrating Revolution R Enterprise & IBM Netezza TwinFinTogether

Revolution Analytics and IBM Netezza have announced a partnership to integrate Revolution R Enterprise and the IBM Netezza TwinFin Data Warehouse Appliance. For the first time, customers seeking to run commercial, high performance and full-scale predictive analytics from within a data warehouse platform will be able to directly leverage the power of the open source R statistics language. The companies are working together to create a version of Revolution's software that takes advantage of IBM Netezza's i-Class technology so that Revolution R Enterprise can run in-database in an optimal fashion.

This partnership integrates Revolution R Enterprise with IBM Netezza's high performance data warehouse and advanced analytics platform to help organizations combat the challenges that arise as complexity and the scale of data grow. By moving the analytics processing next to the data, this integration will minimize data movement - a significant bottleneck, especially when dealing with "Big Data". It will deliver high performance on large scale data, while leveraging the latest innovations in analytics.

With Revolution R Enterprise for IBM Netezza, advanced R computations are available for rapid analysis of hundreds of terabyte-class data volumes -- and can deliver 10-100x performance improvements at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional analytics vendors.

For more information on joint Revolution Analytics & Netezza solutions, please contact us.

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