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Revolution Newsletters: Issue 3 - April 2010


Welcome to the April edition of the Revolution Newsletter! Every month, we'll bring you the latest news about R from Revolution Analytics and around the Web. We'll include tips and tricks on using R, events of interest to the R community, and information about products and initiatives from the team at Revolution Analytics. This newsletter is for you, so let us know what you think-send us feedback at my email address below. If you find this newsletter valuable, forward it to your friends. And if you've received this newsletter from a friend, you can subscribe here to get your own copy each month. Enjoy!

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David Smith, VP Marketing


Revolution News

Every month, we'll bring you the latest news about REvolution's products and events in this section.

REvolution R Community 3.2 Released

We've just updated REvolution R Community to version 3.2, and it's now available for free download for Windows and Mac. This update features the latest R 2.10.1 engine, an improved installer, and the new "doSMP" library for parallel computing on multi-core Windows machines. You can find more details about the update here.

Did you miss the "High-Performance Analytics with REvolution R and Windows HPC Server" webinar?

More than 200 people registered for our recent webinar on high-performance analytics, but if you missed it, the slides are now available for download and the recorded webinar will be available soon. If you're looking for an introduction to parallel programming in R, whether it be to speed up computations on a single multi-core workstation, or to deploy large-scale computations to a shared cluster, you'll find useful resources and links in the slides.

REvolution's CEO Norman Nie on Open Source, Open Data and Predictive Analytics

There's ongoing discussion at the 2010 Future of Open Source forum about the role of open-source software in the technological revolutions unfolding today. In this essay, REvolution's CEO Norman Nie shares his thoughts on the role of open source software for predictive analytics.

Predicting Election Results with REvolution R Enterprise

Boris Shor, assistant professor at Harris School of Public Policy Studies, University of Chicago, looked at Scott Brown's win in U.S. Senate special election in Massachusetts, and found the results weren't as surprising as the media coverage would suggest. In this case study, read how he used the big-data capabilities of REvolution R Enterprise for 64-bit Windows to make his conclusions.

R News, Tips and Tricks from the Revolutions blog

The Revolutions blog brings you daily news and tips about R, statistics and open source. Here are some highlights from Revolutions from the month of March.

Is it possible to automate the generation of clinical reports with R, automatically inserting graphics and tables into a PDF document? You bet! See how it's done with the rreport package.

Smoothing is a great way of highlighting trends in scatterplots. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating presentation-quality graphics with smoothing in R.

The ggplot2 package is a powerful tool for making clear and impactful visual representations of data with R. The author of ggplot2, Hadley Wickham, has made available a free video series explaining how to use this package.

And on a lighter note, how can you find out where to find the best pizza in New York City? This statistical analysis in R has the answer.

Looking for more R tips and tricks? Check out the monthly round-ups at the Revolutions blog.

Upcoming Events

Every month, we'll highlight some upcoming events from R Community Calendar.

April 16-17 (Chicago, IL) R/Finance 2010

This two-day conference will cover uses of R for portfolio management, time series analysis, advanced risk tools, high-performance computing, econometrics and more. David Smith from REvolution will be introducing some new high-performance tools for data analysis coming soon to REvolution R Enterprise, so please join us if you're in the area.

April 20-22 (Boston, MA) Bio-IT World

The REvolution team will be at the Bio-IT World in Boston, showcasing the latest release of REvolution R Enterprise and demonstrating high-performance microarray analysis using R. You can find us at the booth of our partner, Microsoft.

April 21 (Seattle, WA) Seattle R UseR group

Thomas Lumley, author of the "survey" package, will talk about survey data analysis with R.

April 29 (Rockville, MD) Washington DC UseR group

Local users will present on: "I wish I knew how to [fill-in-the-blank] with R"

New local user groups!

New UseR groups are starting up all the time. Check out the new groups in Chicago and Dallas.