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Revolution Newsletters: Issue 28 - May 2012

Welcome to the May edition of the Revolution Newsletter! Every month, we bring you the latest news about R from Revolution Analytics and around the Web. We include tips and tricks on using R, events of interest to the R community, and information about products and initiatives from the team at Revolution Analytics. This newsletter is for you, so let us know what you think -- send us feedback at my email address below. If you find this newsletter valuable, forward it to your friends. And if you've received this newsletter from a friend, you can subscribe here to get your own copy each month. Enjoy!

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New R Training Courses Announced


Three new R courses from leading R experts are now available for registration:

An Introduction to R for SAS, SPSS, and Stata Users will be presented by Bob Muenchen (author of R for SAS and SPSS users) June 26-29. This is an on-line workshop with live instruction that you can attend from your desk - no travel necessary!

Visualization in R with ggplot2 is also a new web-based course with live instruction from Garrett Grolemund & Dr. Winston Chang of Rice University, presented online June 19-20.

R Development Master Class will be presented in-person by R package author and professor Hadley Wickham, June 21-22 in NYC and June 28-29 in Redwood City, CA.

Sign up to these courses now to secure your seat -- attendance is limited!

Revolution News

Every month, we bring you the latest news about Revolution's products and events in this section. Follow us on Twitter at @RevolutionR for up-to-the-minute news and updates from Revolution Analytics!

On the hunt for a cure for MS. Researchers at SUNY Buffalo are using big-data analytics and generic data to research a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Read in Forbes how Revolution R and IBM Netezza speeds up their research, or join the #IBMDataChat discussion on Twitter at noon ET on Thursday, May 10 to learn more.

More free R webinars. Revolution Analytics' Spring webinar series continues, with upcoming presentations on Getting Up to Speed with R, spatial statistics with R, data mining with R, Achieving High-Performing, Simulation-Based Operational Risk Measurement with RevoScaleR, and a look at the next version of Revolution R Enterprise.

Catch our archived webinar replays. Missed any of the recent presentations on Big Data with R and Hadoop, integrating R with BI tools and MS Office, or How Big Data is Changing Retail Marketing Analytics? Check our webinar archives for streaming replays and presentation downloads.

Putting the R in Analytics. A feature article in Information Age reveals how new graduates are driving adoption of R in industry.

Upcoming Conferences for R Users. Revolution Analytics is proud to sponsor: R/Finance 2012 (the premier conference for R users in the finance industry) on May 11-12 in Chicago; and the Interface 2012 conference on the future of Statistical Computing, May 16-18 in Houston.

R user conference deadlines approaching. If you're planning to attend useR! 2012 in Nashville but want to avoid late registration fees, the deadline for regular registration is May 12.

R News, Tips and Tricks from the Revolutions blog

The Revolutions blog brings you daily news and tips about R, statistics and open source. Here are some highlights from Revolutions from the past month.

Switched from SAS or SPSS, but not sure where to find the equivalent package in R for your analysis? Bob Muenchen provides a handy equivalent package translation guide.

Here's a puzzle: given the digits 1 through 17, how can you arrange them so each adjacent pair adds up to a square number? Here's an elegant solution in R based on graph theory.

A detailed guide on how to build a recommendation engine in Revolution R Enterprise, and use it to rank the most popular movies from the million movie dataset.

Did you know that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration uses R to forecast river flooding events?

R's rapid growth in academia continues, at the expense of legacy software.

How to make a fantastic animation of 18th-century sailing ship voyages using R.

Upcoming Events

Every month, we highlight some upcoming events from the R Community Calendar.

There are new R user groups in Milan (Italy) and Cologne (Germany). Please let us know if we're missing your R user group. If you're interested in starting a local R user group in your area, Revolution Analytics offers sponsorships for both new and established groups--and has published some tips for starting a new R user group.