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Revolution Newsletters: Issue 26 - March 2012

Welcome to the March edition of the Revolution Newsletter, now in its third year! Every month, we bring you the latest news about R from Revolution Analytics and around the Web. We include tips and tricks on using R, events of interest to the R community, and information about products and initiatives from the team at Revolution Analytics. This newsletter is for you, so let us know what you think -- send us feedback at my email address below. If you find this newsletter valuable, forward it to your friends. And if you've received this newsletter from a friend, you can subscribe here to get your own copy each month. Enjoy!

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Download Revolution R Enterprise, Free for Academics


The new features of Revolution R Enterprise for Big Data analysis, productivity and web integration are available to all members of the academic community, free of charge. Students, teachers, and other faculty members: download your copy of Revolution R Enterprise 5 (including the high-performance build of open-source R) by visiting our Academic Download page.

Revolution News

Every month, we bring you the latest news about Revolution's products and events in this section. Follow us on Twitter at @RevolutionR for up-to-the-minute news and updates from Revolution Analytics!

IBM Netezza and Revolution R Enterprise: A powerful combination. Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital used massive simulations to analyze the efficacy of newly-released drugs. The State University of New York at Buffalo analyzed billions of gene combinations in the search for a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Learn more about how Revolution R Enterprise and IBM Netezza work together in this demo of big-data classification trees and Naive Bayes models.

Get insight from Big Data with Hadoop and R. Our white paper Advanced 'Big Data' Analytics with R and Hadoop describes how to use Revolution R Enterprise and the powerful Map-Reduce framework to build powerful predictive models from massive data sets.

Last chance for our Winter Webinar Series. Our series concludes with Deloitte Consulting's James Guszcza, presenting on Actuarial Analytics with R on March 28. If you missed our recent webinars: high-performance analytics with Revolution R and Netezza; R for Academic Finance or Models Collecting Dust? How to Transform Your Results from Interesting to Impactful, replays are now available for on-demand viewing.

Revolution Analytics partners with Teradata. "Our innovative customers understand that big data analytics takes a smart approach to the entire infrastructure and we will enable them to differentiate their business in a cost-effective way," said David Rich (CEO, Revolution Analytics), in this Teradata press release.

Gartner Business Intelligence Summit, April 2-4. Visit the Revolution Analytics team in Los Angeles at the Gartner BI Summit to learn how predictive analytics with Revolution R Enterprise supercharges BI dashboards.

Last Call for User Group Sponsorships: Funding grants to support local R user groups are available by applying for 2012 R user group sponsorships from Revolution Analytics.

Call for beta testers: The next release of Revolution R Enterprise (featuring R 2.14.2) is coming soon. If you'd like a preview of new big-data GLM models, or distributed computing for Platform LSF, join our beta test program by emailing

R News, Tips and Tricks from the Revolutions blog

The Revolutions blog brings you daily news and tips about R, statistics and open source. Here are some highlights from Revolutions from the past month.

A brief history of the R project celebrates the 12th anniversary of R 1.0.0.

Read our review of "Machine Learning for Hackers", a new O'Reilly book that provides a step-by-step guide to building powerful predictive models in R.

Data from bike rentals and R were used to create a stunning map of bike route usage in London.

R user Oscar Perpinan Lamigueiro provides a three-part guide to creating beautiful map-based data visualizations with R.

An overview of commercial vendors supporting integration with R, making R a critical component throughout the analytics stack.

How to visualize a conversation on Twitter with R.

Upcoming Events

Every month, we highlight some upcoming events from R Community Calendar.

There are also new local R user groups in Milan, Cambridge, Berkeley, Lithuania, Birmingham, Taiwan, Austin and Adelaide (plus interest in groups in Austria, Pittsburgh and Phoenix). Please let us know if we're missing your R user group. If you're interested in starting a local R user group in your area, Revolution Analytics offers sponsorships for both new and established groups--and has published some tips for starting a new R user group.