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Revolution Analytics Expands Support for Hadoop and Pioneers In-Hadoop Predictive Analytics with Hortonworks

Revolution R Enterprise Now Integrated with Hortonworks Data Platform

Revolution Analytics, the leading commercial provider of software, services and support for the open source R project, today announced increased support for Hadoop as a platform for advanced analytics and that it has integrated Revolution R Enterprise with Hortonworks Data Platform.

Under a new technology alliance with Hortonworks, a leading contributor to Apache Hadoop, Revolution Analytics and Hortonworks are co-developing "in-Hadoop predictive analytics" to help enterprises drive new business insight from their big data, without the hassles of importing or exporting data from Hadoop. This strategic initiative will enable Revolution R Enterprise and Hortonworks Data Platform customers to use the big-data analytics capabilities of Revolution R Enterprise ScaleR on a server streaming data directly from HDFS or by importing data from HBase, and write their own data distillation algorithms in the R language using the MapReduce paradigm of Hadoop. Revolution Analytics will preview "in-Hadoop predictive analytics" at the Strata conference in booth 618.

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"Apache Hadoop and R are complementary technologies that together provide a very compelling enterprise solution for deriving value from big data," said Mitch Ferguson, vice president of business development at Hortonworks. "By working with Revolution Analytics, we have enabled advanced, predictive analytics to be run from within the 100 percent open source Hortonworks Data Platform. We are reducing the time-to-insight and enabling a new level of analytic capabilities that brings tremendous value back to our respective communities."

"Hadoop is a key part of Revolution Analytics' multi-platform strategy to democratize advanced, predictive analytics and enable business users to secure better returns on their big data investments using their existing infrastructure and technology investments," said David Rich, CEO of Revolution Analytics. "As a key contributor to Hadoop, Hortonworks is a strategic partner and our co-development efforts to make in-Hadoop analytics a reality underscore a shared mission: to enable enterprises of all sizes to leverage the potential of unstructured data, and to quickly and efficiently extract unique competitive insights from massive data sets."

Through its technology partner program, Revolution Analytics is creating a vibrant ecosystem for R-based analytics that connects existing data management technologies and platforms with the power of modern, predictive analytics for every type of enterprise user and budget. The company has invested tremendous support for the Hadoop ecosystem and has already integrated Revolution R Enterprise with Cloudera CDH3 and CDH4, and IBM BigInsights version 2.

The Power of R + Hadoop

The big data explosion of the last few years has led to new infrastructure investments around storage and data architectures. Apache Hadoop has rapidly become a leading option for storing and performing operations on big data, while R has emerged as the tool of choice for data scientists modeling and running advanced analytics. Revolution Analytics brings R to Hadoop, providing customers with a fully validated and certified stack of Hadoop (including from validated hardware partners with reference architectures), and Revolution R with RHadoop.

Revolution Analytics has developed "ConnectR for Hadoop," a collection of open source R packages and proprietary technologies that bring the power of advanced R analytics to Hadoop distributions. ConnectR for Hadoop provides the ability to manipulate Hadoop data stores directly from HDFS and HBASE--and give R programmers the ability to write MapReduce jobs in R using Hadoop Streaming.

With Revolution R Enterprise 6, R users can:

  1. Import and export data between the HDFS file system and R;
  2. Import tables into R from Hadoop filestores via Apache HBASE;
  3. Extract key information from unstructured data in Hadoop by writing map-reduce tasks using the power of the R language;
  4. Create predictive models from data stored in HDFS, using Revolution Analytics' high-performance big data algorithms.

ConnectR for Hadoop is included with Revolution R Enterprise 6 Server for Linux, and includes support for the Revolution Analytics sponsored open source project RHadoop. Open source libraries are available for download from the RHadoop Project download page. The Revolution Analytics Quick Start Program for Hadoop provides the software, services and training for companies to begin analyzing their Hadoop-based data stores in just ten days.

About Revolution Analytics

Revolution Analytics is the leading commercial provider of software and services based on the open source R project for statistical computing. The company brings high performance, productivity and enterprise readiness to R, the most powerful statistics language in the world. The company's flagship Revolution R Enterprise product is designed to meet the production needs of large organizations in industries such as finance, life sciences, retail, manufacturing and media. Used by over two million analysts in academia and at cutting-edge companies such as Google, Bank of America and Acxiom, R has emerged as the standard of innovation in statistical analysis. Revolution Analytics is committed to fostering the continued growth of the R community through sponsorship of the community site, funding worldwide R user groups and offering free licenses of Revolution R Enterprise to everyone in academia.

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