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GPL Sources

Revolution Analytics uses an Open-Core Licensing model. We provide open- source R bundled with proprietary modules from Revolution Analytics that provide additional functionality for our users. Open-source R is distributed under the GNU Public License (version 2), and we make our software available under a commercial license.

Revolution Analytics respects the importance of open source licenses and has contributed code to the open source R project and will continue to do so. We have carefully reviewed our compliance with GPLv2 and have worked with Mark Radcliffe of DLA Piper to ensure that we fully comply with the obligations of the GPLv2.

For our Revolution R distribution, we may make some minor modifications to the R sources (the ChangeLog file lists all changes made). You can download these modified sources of open-source R under the terms of the GPLv2, using either the links below or those in the email sent to you when you download a specific version of Revolution R.

Download GPL Sources

Product Version Platform Modified R Sources
Revolution R Enterprise 7.0 Windows & RHEL R 3.0.2
Revolution R Enterprise 6.2 Windows & RHEL R 2.15.3
Revolution R Enterprise 6.1 Windows & RHEL R 2.14.2
Revolution R Enterprise 6.0 Windows & RHEL R 2.14.2
Revoluiton R Enterprise 5.0 Windows & RHEL R 2.13.2
Revolution R Enterprise 4.3 Windows & RHEL R 2.12.2
Revolution R Enterprise 4.2 RHEL R 2.11.1
Revolution R Enterprise 4.2 Windows R 2.11.1
Revolution R Enterprise 4.1.0 Windows R 2.11.1
Revolution R Enterprise 4.0.1 RHEL R 2.11.1
Revolution R Enterprise 4.0 Windows R 2.11.1
Revolution R Enterprise 3.1.1 RHEL R 2.9.2
Revolution R Community 3.2 MacOS R 2.10.1
Revolution R Community 3.2 Windows R 2.10.1