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Turbo-Charge Your Analytics with IBM Netezza and Revolution R Enterprise: A Step-by-Step Approach for Acceleration and Innovation


William Zanine, Business Solutions Executive, Analytics Solutions at IBM Netezza, IBM & Derek Norton, Solutions Executive, Revolution Analytics Download the webinar presentation and replay files.
Derek Norton, Solutions Executive, Revolution Analytics

To set the stage, we’ll provide a brief overview of the “R” statistical analysis language, the Revolution R Enterprise framework (with R at its core) as well in-database analytics on IBM Netezza Analytics Appliances. We’ll be talking about what Revolution Analytics brings to IBM Netezza, and vice versa.

Then, we’ll complete a model-building exercise from start to finish using the combined Revolution R Enterprise and IBM Netezza solution and demonstrate the performance and flexibility of the integrated offer. Join us as we:

  • Begin with data visualizations and summary statistics to gain an understanding of our data
  • Split the data into training and test sets for model building
  • Build models and
  • Measure accuracy on both our training and test set and visualize the results.

Register today to learn why leveraging the Revolution R Enterprise and IBM Netezza analytics framework delivers power, speed and flexibility in a modern analytics platform.

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