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Finding Meaning in Points, Areas and Surfaces: Spatial Analysis in R


David Unwin, Professor,

In this webinar, David will present three real-world examples of how spatial statistics are used, each illustrating the analysis of a particular class of spatial data (points, areas and surfaces) with a particular R package (spatstat, maptools, sp, spdep, gstat). He will show the flexibility and power that are gained when the R route is chosen. Join us to explore these uses of spatial data:

  • In geology, we attempt to answer the question ‘are the glacial hills called drumlins randomly distributed?
  • In epidemiology we ask the question ‘where is there an unusual incidence of a disease?
  • And in environmental science we ask ‘what is the value of this spatially continuous variable at this location?

David will also touch on other possibilities: there are packages for lines and network data, for image data, and for easy ‘mash ups onto GoogleMaps and Earth.