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Big Data Analysis Starts with R


David Champagne, CTO, Revolution Analytics

We’ll cover:

  • An overview of the Open Source “R,” language, and why it’s become the de-facto standard for statistical computing;
  • How ‘Big Data’ requires R’s ‘Big Analytics’ capabilities, including leveraging the new breed of popular data sources—such as Hadoop, NoSQL, and in-database data warehouses;
  • Use cases and implementation scenarios that share best practices for integrating R into your corporate analytics projects.

Revolution Analytics provides a scalable framework of software and services which enables organizations to take advantage of the powerful R language along with modern analytics innovations to make more precise data-driven assessments.

Revolution Analytics was named one of CIO Magazine’s 20 Companies to Watch in 2011 and we’re one of this year’s Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in BI and Analytics.” Our Revolution R Enterprise software can process, visualize and model 'Big Data' faster than legacy statistics products—at a fraction of their license cost—without employing expensive or specialized hardware.