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Big Data Analysis for R using Revolution R Enterprise


David Smith, Vice President of Marketing, Revolution Analytics
Joseph Rickert, Pre-sales Engineer, Revolution Analytics

Revolution R Enterprise now extends the reach of R into the realm of 'Big Data' data analysis. This webinar will introduce R users to Revolution's new RevoScaleR package, which provides unprecedented levels of performance and capacity for statistical analysis of very large data sets in the R environment. We'll demonstrate how Revolution R Enterprise can process, visualize and model this scale of data in a fraction of the time of legacy systems—without the need of expensive or specialized hardware.

In this webinar, David Smith of Revolution Analytics will introduce the capabilities of the high-performance RevoScaleR package:

  • The XDF file format, a new binary ‘Big Data’ file format with an interface to the R language that provides high-speed access to arbitrary rows, blocks and columns of data.
  •  A collection of widely-used statistical algorithms optimized for Big Data, including high-performance implementations of Summary Statistics, Linear Regression, Binomial Logistic Regression and Crosstabs.
  • Data Reading & Transformation tools for interactively exploring and preparing large data sets for analysis.
  • Extensibility features that allow expert R users to develop and extend their own statistical algorithms.