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Enterprise Deployment

Revolution R Enterprise DeployR Integrates R into the Enterprise

Revolution R Enterprise excels at unlocking knowledge, including trends, behaviors, predictions and even outliers inside enterprise data. DeployR is designed to deliver that knowledge securely and at scale to whomever needs it: inside or outside the enterprise. By providing a seamless, secure, data bridge between analytics solutions and enterprise software, DeployR solves a key integration problem faced by businesses adopting R based analytics alongside existing IT infrastructure.

Data scientists typically focus on developing analytics solutions using software tools on their workbench. Using DeployR, these solutions can now be leveraged by your business far beyond those workbenches. The DeployR server can expose any R based analytics solution as a secure web service. These web services can then be integrated seamlessly into existing IT infrastructure or become part of new IT solutions.

DeployR Benefits

  • Maximize the impact of your R data scientists
  • Let data scientists remain focused on creating the R code necessary to drive your analytics solutions.
  • Just one click in the DeployR Console can turn any R code created by a data scientist into a secure web service.
  • DeployR powered secure web services can immediately be integrated by system integrators and application developers into Web, desktop and mobile applications.
  • Even Excel spreadsheets and BI dashboards can be supercharged to deliver powerful analytics solutions using DeployR secure web services.

Deliver our R Analytics Securely Across the Enterprise

  • Guarantee secure delivery of your analytics via DeployR web services.
  • Secure web services integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise security solutions: Single Sign-On, LDAP, Active Directory, PAM, and Basic Authentication.
  • Secure web services can enforce access privileges already defined by your IT department for existing enterprise users.
  • Secure web services even have the capability to safely support anonymous users when needed.

Deliver your R Analytics at Scale

  • DeployR offers the ability to expand and contract operating capacity to effectively scale for varying analytic workloads.
  • DeployR supports sophisticated load balancing capabilities to efficiently distribute analytic workloads across available resources.
  • DeployR powered secure web services can handle requests on demand or permit scheduling of analytics for background execution.

Simplify R Analytics Integration for your Software Development Teams

  • By employing standards based technology, DeployR allows existing development teams to integrate R statistics, analytics and visualizations inside any IT solution.
  • Development teams can reuse existing skills and software tools to integrate with DeployR powered secure web services.
  • The DeployR API supports all programming languages and the product ships with native Java, JavaScript, and .NET client libraries to further simplify integration.
  • With DeployR developers can extend existing enterprise applications or build new ones to take full advantage of R based data analytics.

Simplify R Analytics Deployment for your IT Management Teams

  • DeployR can be installed on both Linux and Microsoft Windows Server platforms.
  • DeployR supports flexible deployment on-site, and in private, public and even hybrid cloud environments.