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Download R

R free of charge: no worries about subscription fees, license managers, or user limits. R is open: inspect the code and tinker with it as much as you like (but respect the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2). R is available for Unix, Linux, Windows and OS X platforms.

The current version, R 3.1.0 (Spring Dance), was released on 2014-04-10. To download precompiled binary distributions of the base system:

Once you have downloaded the R software itself, search for contributed packages by application area, by name or by tag.

What you can expect from R

R is a language! You do data analysis by writing functions and scripts, not by pointing and clicking. That may sound daunting if you are new to programming, but R is an easy language to learn, and a very natural and expressive one for data analysis. Working with R is an interactive experience that encourages experimentation, exploration and play. It is likely that whatever your area of interest you will find R packages (libraries of functions) that will be immediately helpful. And, of course, R is renowned for its capabilities to visualize data. Here are some suggestions that may be helpful for getting started:

R Source Code:

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