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Data Science

Ask and Answer the Right Questions

Using data to solve real world business problems requires a unique set of skills that includes statistics, programming, IT, and business domain knowledge. Your team needs to understand sampling and experimental design. They need to be able to manipulate large data sets and implement machine learning algorithms. They need to know their way around today’s complex, multi-layer data architectures. And, they need to know how to shape a business question into a series of relevant queries that your data can answer.

Beyond the mechanics, your team needs to know how to communicate their results to management and ensure their deployment infrastructure offers them the flexibility and durability to provide answers where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

With Revolution R Enterprise your data scientists are now armed with the most widely used statistical programming language in the world. We have taken R and wrapped it into a big data big analytics platform that operates in the most popular and widely used data management and data reporting environments. Your team gets the world class data visualization capabilities of R enabled to integrate with your BI and legacy corporate systems. In short, your team gets everything it needs to perform effective data science.

Please take the opportunity to engage with our data science experts to assess and plan for your software, development and training needs.