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R+Hadoop - Ask Bigger (and New) Questions and Get Better, Faster Answers

Michele Chambers, Chief Strategy Officer & VP Product Management and Jairam Ranganathan, Director of Product Strategy, Cloudera

The business cases for Hadoop can be made on the tremendous operational cost savings that it affords. But why stop there? The integration of R-powered analytics in Hadoop presents a totally new value proposition. Organizations can write R code and deploy it natively in Hadoop without data movement or the need to write their own MapReduce.     Bringing R-powered predictive analytics into Hadoop will accelerate Hadoop’s value to organizations by allowing them to break through performance and scalability challenges and solve new analytic problems. Use all the data in Hadoop to discover more, grow more quickly, and operate more efficiently. Ask bigger questions. Ask new questions.  Get better, faster results and share them.


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