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Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit



The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Bigger. Faster. Better.

Gartner calls us a Visionary. We want to share that vision with you and help you take your advanced analytics to the next level.
Build and/or Re-Tool your Analytics Program to take advantage of Big Data technologies – A QuickStart engagement with Revolution Analytics is the best entrée for your organization to start building for the future of predictive analytics.
With the continuing growth of R and the rapidly changing landscape of data management technologies, now is the time to ensure your program is ready to anticipate and benefit from these disruptive developments.
Integrate Advanced Analytics into your entire decision support infrastructure – Revolution R Enterprise and the Revolution Analytics team are ready to help you deliver analytics driven decision making throughout your enterprise.
Our partnerships with some of the leading decision support vendors  and services providers deliver powerful predictive analytics and results directly to the desktops of your day-to-day decision makers.
Make your Big Data investments pay sooner rather than later – Revolution R Enterprise can deploy within Hadoop clusters TODAY. Why wait for the legacy vendors to get around to it when you can get started with Revolution Analytics right now?

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