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Alteryx and Revolution Analytics - Simplify and Scale R-based Predictive Analytics

Alteryx and Revolution Analytics

Get the right insight at the right time

Your advanced predictive analytics projects rely on ever-growing sets of Big Data,but current tools are hitting performance, scalability, and deployment limits.Between the complexity of writing R code – the data scientist’s tool of choice –and the limited scalability of the underlying platform, your organization mustoften choose between getting the right information to make critical businessdecisions and getting that information in a timely manner.

Combining the easy-to-use Alteryx platform with the powerful Revolution REnterprise solution, you can eliminate the tradeoff between easily collecting andanalyzing the most relevant data set – no matter how large or how diverse –to make the most informed business decisions possible, before the businessopportunity passes you by. Using the Alteryx drag-and-drop interface, you canconnect your data to sophisticated predictive analytics functions, such ascontingency tables, histograms, and decision trees or forests, without writinga line of R code. And no matter how large your data set, the production-gradescalability of Revolution R Enterprise can handle it with ease, enabling you to getthe answers you need to pressing business questions—when you need them.


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