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Companies Using R

This is a list of companies and organizations who are proud and public about their use of R in their business.

If you are employing R in your work-place, we encourage you to send us links to blogs or presentations describing how it is being used, and the strategic value it provides.

Our Customers

ANZ Bank

ANZ, the fourth largest bank in Australia, using R for credit risk analysis

Bank of America

Bank of America uses R for reporting.


Saving the World with R: Benetech is a non-profit organization contracted by the likes of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to answer thorny geopolitical questions through the use of data and science.


Social Search Awareness: Jesse Bridgewater works on "social search awesomeness" for the Bing search engine, and is setting up his dev environment with the necessary tools including python, vim, and R.


CESCE is the export credit agency (ECA) of the Spanish government, operating internationally but principally focused on Europe and South America. CESCE also operates in the private sector in Spain and Portugal, where it is a competitive company in the selling of credit risk policies.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau uses R for data analysis.

Culture Amp

CultureAmp, the "people intelligence platform", uses R in their cloud-based employee feedback application Murmur. R is used to cross-validate the built-in analytics.


Facebook and R:

Food and Drug Administration

R is widely used at the FDA on a daily basis. FDA scientists have written R packages for use by other scientists (within and outside the FDA) involved in the submissions process.

Ford Motor Company

Ford relies on open source tools like Hadoop and R for statistical analysis and data-driven decision support.


R is part of the technology stack behind Foursquare's famed recommendation engine.

Human Rights Data Analysis Group

HRDAG applies statistical and scientific methods in the analysis of human rights data.

John Deere

Statisticians at John Deere use R for time series modeling and geospatial analysis in a reliable and reproducible way. The results are integrated with Excel and SAP. 


Kickstarter, the social funding platform, uses R to visualize its success getting new projects funded.

London: The Information Capital

The beautiful charts in the book London: The Information Capital were created with R.


Microsoft uses R for the Xbox matchmaking service, and as a statistical engine within the Azure ML framework.


Mozilla, the foundation responsible for the Firefox web browser, uses R to visualize Web activity.

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service uses R at its River Forecast Centers to generate graphics for flood forecasting.

New Scientist

New Scientist magazine uses for data journalism and for visualization and analysis in news articles.

New York Times

How the New York Times uses R for Data Visualization; NYT Charts Michael Jackson's Pop Hits with R


In the early days of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the rate of flow of oil from the spill was of great concern: estimating it accurately was key to coordinating the scale and scope of the response to the emergency.


The Nordstrom Data Lab uses R to help fulfill its mission of delighting customers through data-driven products.


oDesk uses R to analyze results from experiments and for exploratory data analysis.

OK Cupid

Free dating site OkCupid (which was recently acquired by collects a lot of data. With over 3 million members, they have a wealth of information upon which to identify trends about the love lives of a typical OkCupid member.


Positional bias — the tendency for users to preferentially select results in the first few positions of a search — is a big issue for all kinds of search engines.


Simple online banking used R to create its logo.


'TechCrunch Trends' Launches, uses R; TechCrunch uses R for Industry Report

Thomas Cook

Prediction & Fuzzy Logic at Thomas Cook to Automate Price Settings of Last-Minute Offers: Challenges from a data mining point of view + solutions connecting R with the outside world / our user experience


Trulia, the real-estate analysis website, uses R for predicting house prices and local crime.


R is part of Twitter's Data Science toolbox for sophisticated statistical modeling, and is used to monitor the user experience on the site.


Uber uses R for statistical analysis.