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AcademyR - Specialist Certification

Revolution R Enterprise Certified Specialist

Know the advanced analytics methods used by statisticians and data scientists

R is the most widely used statistical language today: it’s the #1 choice of data scientists with more than two million users worldwide. Offering high-performance, scalable, enterprise-capable analytics, Revolution R Enterprise supports a variety of analytical capabilities including exploratory data analysis, model building and model deployment.

Candidates must prove their abilities in using Revolution R Enterprise for industry ready advanced analytics projects. This exam focuses on strategic and practical aspects of analyzing big data, data analysis life cycle, theory and methods of advanced analytics and statistical modeling and required technological tools for analyzing data using Revolution R Enterprise and associated ecosystem.

Successful candidates will achieve the Revolution R Enterprise Specialist credential. This is a required step towards the Expert level credential.

Revolution Analytics provides free sample practice tests to assess your knowledge in preparation for the exam. Practice tests allow you to become familiar with the topics and question types you will find in the proctored examination. A passing score on the practice test does not guarantee a passing score on the certification examination.


Statisticians, data scientists, data modelers and hands-on practitioners who use Revolution R Enterprise for their analytics needs. Whether you’re a student, new to R and analytics, changing careers, or already serving as an R expert on project teams, Revolution Analytics Certification can get your career on the right path or take it to the next level.

Exam Topics

Candidates who have earned this credential would have passed a proctored examination:

  • 60 multiple choice questions (must achieve a score of 70% to pass the examination)
  • 90 minutes to complete the examination

Topics to be covered in this examination include:

  • Introduction to Big Data Analytics
  • R as a programming language
  • Big Data Management in Revolution R Enterprise
  • Big Data Exploration and Statistical analysis using Revolution R Enterprise
  • Advanced Big Data Analytics - Modeling in Revolution R Enterprise

Exam Preparation

Though there are no pre-requisites for the examination, we recommend the following training curriculum for candidates to prepare for the examination.

  • Fundamentals in R Language
  • Data Management in Revolution R Enterprise
  • Modeling in Revolution R Enterprise

We recommend hands on practice on Revolution R Enterprise. Click here to get Revolution R Enterprise.

Exam Registration and Pricing

Revolution Analytics certification tests are offered through our delivery partner Kryterion as online or onsite proctored exams at in English.

Revolution R Enterprise Certified Specialist certification is priced at $200 USD per test attempt worldwide. Retake examinations are priced at $200 USD per test attempt.

Click here to register for an examination.